28.05.13 (m05)

À espera da I. | Waiting for I.

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renate disse...

Hello Fados:) Simple but lovely and well drawn!

rossichka disse...

I love your sketches! Do you have a sketchbook with special sheets for drawing?

Yvonne disse...

Another drawing of promise - of something about to happen, or just after happening... I love the sense of story here! And that you're not afraid to go over the middle line of your sketchbook :D

fados do lar disse...

Thank you all. :)
Rossi, this sketchbook that i'm using now works better with some materials than others. For example, it doesn't take water very well, so i tend to use markers on it.

Yvonne that's a really nice interpretation! Thank you :)

rossichka disse...

I was just curious. I bought a Moleskine sketchbook for my son, but he hasn't "tried" it yet.