bonsai fig tree

27.04.13 . av (m04)

Uma figueira bonsai com um pequeno figo.
A bonsai fig tree with a little fig growing.

5 comentários:

rossichka disse...

It's charming! I can't believe it gave fruit! Is it yours?

Jennifer Appel disse...

I love fig trees, but they don't seem to like me in return.

But this one seems to be very happy with you!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton disse...

I like that it is a two-page spread. So cool that a bonsai has a little fig! Love this.

fados do lar disse...

It's really cool to see the fruits growing in tiny little size :D - the bonsai's sketched are from my parents. I used to have one for a long time but it died. I'm considering getting another one soon :)

Anónimo disse...

As minhas figueiras são um "bocadinho" maiores ;)