yellow garbage can

18.11.12 (m04)

dos tempos de solteiro do meu irmão, eu herdei um caixote de lixo amarelo.

my brother got married in september and moved to a new house with his wife. 
he had a yellow garbage can, but they didn't wanted it in the new home, so i took it.


two cats

17.11.12 (m04)

i am a dog person, but this two cats - zacarias and margarida - are nice cats :)


waiting for the train

08.11.12 (m04)

waiting for the train in Campolide


part of the closet

[during] october - november 2012 (m04)

I started this sketch of a part of my closet during the month of October, but didn't finish it. 
Since then, whenever I could, i continued the sketch, filling the spaces with the new places the clothes were occupying.
I finished coloring it today.