sewing machine

am, 29.08.12 (m04)

Esta máquina de costura pertencia à minha avó Inês. 
Foi-me emprestada durante uns meses. Antes de a devolver, um desenho.
This sewing machine belonged to my grandmother Inês.
I borrowed the machine and i'm going to return it; but before i do it, one drawing.

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rossichka disse...

You make such good sketches of every object around you! I'm feeling inspired to try...:)
I like the Plastic Bag project! Is the goal advertising?

Ted Blackman disse...

I like your ink drawings very much.

fados do lar disse...

Rossichka, thank you. The plastic bag project was made a few years ago and i decided to revisited some of the drawings and publishing them on the blog. They represented little daily thoughts that were kept inside little closed bags. In some way, they were closed and kept, and in the other, because the plastic was transparent, they were able to be seen and dialogued.

Ted, that's nice. Thank you. :)

Alicia Gorecki disse...

This is beautiful, I have a drawing in process at this very moment of a vintage sewing machine that was in my house as a child.

The plastic bags are gorgeous as well!!!

fados do lar disse...

Alicia, i'll be looking forward to see the result of your drawing process of the vintage sewing machine :D