a day at the zoo

04.09.12 (m04)

Alguns dos desenhos feitos no zoo (obrigada J. :) ) - os babuínos, os bisontes-americanos e os búfalos-africanos.
[curiosamente, reparo agora que escolhi para digitalizar os animais cujo nome começa por B...]
Here are some sketches made at the zoo - the baboons, the american bisons and the african buffalos.
[curiously, now i realize that i chose to scan the animals with the name starting with the letter B...]

5 comentários:

L ROSSI disse...

ALways nice to see you add a splach of colour to that fabulous line of yours n.n
:D subconsciously you only like animals that begin with a B? :3

Cathy Holtom disse...

Excellent sketches!

Liza Woodruff disse...

Gorgeous work! Love your line.

fados do lar disse...

L Rossi, well, ... B's are not my only favourite; but i guess they were on the spotlight that day ehehe :D

Thanks for stopping by and comment Cathy and Liza.

Elaine Ramos disse...

I love your style! :D