S. Jerónimo

lisboa, 14.07.12 (ux02)

Hoy me fue a conocer la despojada ermita de S. Jerónimo (Restelo, Lisboa) y estrené un cuaderno que hice hace algún tiempo. Las hojas del cuaderno son de papel de dibujo con 80 gramos. No estaba segura de lo que sucedería con el agua. Pero el papel se ha comportado muy bien.

Today i made a stop to get to know the hermitage of St. Jerónimo, in Lisbon, and I started a new sketchbook i made some time ago. I didn't know what to expect from the paper (plain sketching paper, 80 grams) with water, but it worked pretty well.

7 comentários:

Richard Ewing disse...

I know it may seem minor, but I really like the way you handled the tree in the corner. Simple yet interesting play with color and white.


fados do lar disse...

Richard i think that isn't minor - it's a really nice remark :) thnak you.

Koosje Koene disse...

Very nice! Good start for a new sketchbook!

LAConley disse...

You're right; the paper seemed to take the color well! You are good with watercolors. The contrasts are really great in this drawing. Very nice!

Time Traveller disse...

Well done! :)
Gostei muito.
Qualquer dia fazemos negócio! ;)

avó torta disse...
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fados do lar disse...

Koosje Koene, you are right! :)
LAConley, that's cool!
Time T., és uma querida :D