quico's bath

aveiro, 16.06.12 (ux01)

O Quico, a secar ao sol, depois de um bom banho com cheiro a alperce.

Here's my dog, Quico, laying on the sun, after a bath with apricot shampoo.

Después de un baño con champô de albaricoque, Quico se calienta al sol.

4 comentários:

Elizabeth Rose Stanton disse...

Oh I bet he smells good :) I just love these sketches!!

fados do lar disse...

Elizabeth, the paper isn't the better for water materials, but it was pretty good for the quick sketches!
Quico is not very fond of baths - but well ... what has to be, had to be! :D

Koosje Koene disse...

He's so sweet and I bet he smells sweet, too thanks to th shampoo!

fados do lar disse...

He's really sweet but hates baths :D ehehe