bonsai lime tree

aveiro, 16.06.12 (ux01)

Os meus pais têm imensos bonsais no jardim. Alguns são de 
árvores de fruto. Deixo aqui uma lima, já com pequenas limas.

My parents have a lot of bonsais in their garden. Some of them, 
are from fruit trees. Here's a bonsai lime tree with tiny little limes.

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Yvonne disse...

It's beautiful, so is the fig bonsai in the next post!

Thank you so much for the comments you left on my blog a while ago, I really appreciate it!

I've visited before but hadn't left a comment - sorry about that! I really like your style of drawing and painting, and I will definitely be back! Your work is beautiful!

fados do lar disse...

Hey Yvonne. Thanks for stopping by and comment. I really enjoyed your blog! :)